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Get security update for windows

Get security update for windows

Security updates for Windows can help protect against new and ongoing threats to your privacy and to your computer. The best way to get security updates is to turn on Windows automatic updating
and stay informed about security issues. For more information about automatic updating, see Understanding Windows automatic updating.

Turn on Windows automatic updating

When you turn on automatic updating, Windows can automatically install important updates (including security updates) and recommended updates for your computer as Microsoft releases them. For more information, see Turn automatic updating on or off and How can I tell if my computer is up to date? For more information about updating computers on a network, see Keeping computers on a network up to date.

Stay informed about the latest security issues

To learn about new security updates, find how-to articles and security tips, and get answers to security-related questions, including a free monthly security newsletter for home users, go to the Microsoft Security at Home website.
To learn how Microsoft monitors and responds to security issues, go to the Microsoft Security Response Center website. It offers tools such as an alert service, monthly webcast, blog, and Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds to help you stay current on security-related updates and information for Windows.
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